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Say goodbye to downtime and slow loading times as our system dynamically adjusts resources to match your site’s demands, ensuring optimal speed and reliability. Scale effortlessly with the growth of your website, enjoying the benefits of high availability and peak performance without the hassle of manual intervention.

The fastest WordPress hosting for less than a cup of coffee.

Total Encompassing Hosting

Unmatched WordPress Hosting

Horizontal Scaling

Traditional hosting will require downtime to increase the amount of CPU, RAM, and Storage on the server (vertical scaling). To save you money, we incrementally increase the quantity of servers running your site (horizontal scaling).

No Downtime Required

As the website traffic increases, we proactively monitor the load of our servers and increase the quantity available so no sites go offline. There is no single point of failure as there is always at least 2 servers online at all times.

Serverless Setup

We've configured our hosting service to be serverless , meaning there's no single server managing everything. Both the web server running the site and the database storing the website are running in a serverless environment.

CDN Integration

To help make the site even faster when loading, we automatically integrate a Content Delivery Network. There is no additional cost or usage limitations.

No Visitor or Traffic Limits

We believe in never slowing down your website's performance, that why there is never a cap on the amount of visitors to the website.

Easy Storage Increase

We use a specialized storage service that allows for near infinite storage capacity for any website. It scales up or down, based on what you need at all times.

Temporary SFTP

If access to the files of the site are needed, we will generate temporary credentials that will allow access to the file system for the website.

WooCommerce Stores

We do support WordPress WooCommerce stores, at no additional cost. All sites are treated, and priced, fairly with no special treatment.

Multisite Setups

We do support WordPress Multisite setups, no additional cost. All sites are treated, and priced, fairly with no special treatment.

Scaling Database

We've even built the database to be on a horizontal scaling setup that handles large traffic spikes with ease. Gone are the days of worry about traffic spikes.

Free WP Rocket License

Every website will get a complementary copy of WP Rocket to help make the site load even faster with custom caching rules tailored to your site.

Additional Domains

There is no limit to any additional domains that get pointed to your hosting setup. We automatically redirect to the primary domain with no input or effort.


Only Pay For What You Use

Fully Managed, Auto Scaling

WordPress Hosting

$5.00 /per GB of storage +

$0.20 /per GB of bandwidth

Usage is calculated each month

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a CDN?

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a network of geographically distributed servers designed to improve the performance and availability of web content, such as web pages, images, and videos. CDNs work by caching content on these servers and delivering it to users from a server located nearest to their geographical location, reducing latency and improving load times. This helps websites load faster and handle high traffic loads more efficiently, ultimately enhancing the user experience.

What's with the different pricing?

We believe in only paying for what you use, which is why our pricing isn't tiered, or in plans, or some kind of hierarchy that you have to decipher. Most of our clients see their hosting bills around $15 per month or less.

What are scaling resources?

When we say the resources scale, what we mean is that traditionally other hosting providers will put a ton of sites on really powerful data center servers, but there are thousands of sites sharing the same CPU and RAM. What we do different is assign dedicated (not shared) CPU and RAM to your website and then when your site gets busy, we add more CPU and RAM automatically so it doesn't slow down.

What do you mean there are no storage limits?

Our hosting offering doesn't limit any site's storage usage. As your site grows, so does that amount of storage available to it, though you are only billed for what you use. We scale to meet your demands, not the other way around.

Is there a difference between server and page caching?

Yes, server caching involves storing frequently accessed data or resources on the server side to reduce the load on the server and speed up the response to user requests. It's a technique used to optimize server performance. Page caching, on the other hand, stores entire web pages as static files, allowing them to be served to users without the need to regenerate the page dynamically for each request. This can significantly reduce server load and improve website performance, especially for content that doesn't change frequently.

There really is no limit to visitors?

Nope! You can have 5 visitors a month or 5,000 visitors a second, our hosting can handle any amount of traffic at a moment's notice. So when you go viral for your successes, the website will be able to showcase that without any delay.